Domain Name System ( DNS ) is a facility within an operating system to map the address of the Internet network in the form of name to address Internet Protocol (IP ) in the form of numbers. It functions to determine the address of a Host / Computer / Server by doing the translation from domain to an IP address

Examples: Domain name is actually the address map of google host with IP number

In Indonesia, the technical management of the domain name is managed by a Registrar who helps domain owners to register the domain with the policy determined by PANDI as the registry ( Domain policy holders in Indonesia ).

Domain Name Management Indonesia ( PANDI ), in order to develop its service has shifted the system registry of Single Point Registry System ( SPRS ) into a Shared Registry System ( SRS ), re – delegate , to the addition of new domain names.

To develop this system PANDI has been cooperating with GMO Registry, a Japanese company that claimed to be experienced as an international domain registrar and domain registration. In addition to supporting SRS, the new system has implemented international standards of management of the domain name.