Our services comprise as the followings:

Integrated Management of Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Consultants services, filing and prosecution of Intellectual Property Rights applications in Indonesia
  2. Patent drafting and filing
  3. Trademark registration and renewal
  4. Patent Annuity Services
  5. Registration – Industrial Design
  6. Intellectual Property Rights Searches and Registrability opinion
  7. Checking and Managing Patent, Trademark, Industrial Design and Copyright portfolio of Individual or Companies.
  8. Cultural Heritage Archive

Law Enforcement and Licensing

  1. Consultation services and Legal Assistance in Lawsuit and/or Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
  2. Intellectual Property and Trade Secret Surveillance and/or Infringement Investigations Services
  3. Intellectual Property Litigation and Auditing
  4. Full Assistance In Alternative Dispute Resolution Proceeding
  5. Preparation and Review of Licensing, Franchising and Agreements

Domain Name Registration

To help trademark  owners registered in Indonesia  to apply for they trademark to be a Domain.